Co-Innovation Manifesto

Now more than ever it is essential to invest in digital innovation. Tackling transformation at scale requires a winning strategy and a re-examination of relationships between agencies and partners. Keith Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO of Bounteous, introduces innovation principles and a call-to-action for business executives seeking to compete and win digitally.

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Inside the Manifesto

A Call-to-Action and Set of Guiding Principles

Collaborative Partnerships Focused on Continuous Innovation

Through a series of truths and principles, the Co-Innovation Manifesto makes the case for business leaders to adopt digital innovation, today. Digital transformation is hard, and requires a combination of choosing the right goals, finding the right talent, and executing with the right methods to get there. Schwartz draws from a 25+ year consulting career focused exclusively on helping companies use digital innovations to transform themselves and to compete to win. Backed by research, case studies, and experience, the Manifesto outlines the challenges businesses face and ways to accelerate innovation with strategic partners.


Axioms of Digital Transformation

Align on the challenges and potential of transformational innovation efforts


Principles of Innovation

Adopt these six key principles for successful digital transformations


Co-Innovation Bill of Rights

Insist upon these rights when evaluating co-innovation partners

About the Author

Keith Schwartz

Keith Schwartz is co-founder and CEO of Bounteous, a leading insights-driven digital experience agency. Founded in 2003, Bounteous creates big-picture digital solutions that help leading companies deliver transformational digital brand experiences. Keith writes from years of experience working with clients who are looking to use digital technologies and methods to improve their competitive position. With expertise in Strategy, Experience Design, Technology, Analytics and Insight, and Marketing, Bounteous is using the principles of co-innovation to drive digital success for clients like Caesars Entertainment, Domino's, Wawa, M&T Bank, and more.

Keith Schwartz, Bounteous CEO

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From principles that can apply to all industries, to the rights that underpin successful partner relationships, the Co-Innovation Manifesto provides actionable takeaways for any business looking to succeed digitally. 

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Co-Innovation Manifesto Cover